Members of the Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica) team, joined other members of the Citizens’ Coalition to picket at the office of the Auditor General.

PNAfrica is part of a number of civil society organizations and individuals who have come together to form a non-partisan coalition/movement which seeks to make use of the democratic processes of mass education and mobilization to put public officials and Governments in check for their stewardship. It also aims to stem the dangerous trends in governance and assure democratic renewal, economic and social justice.

The non-partisan Citizens’ Coalition movement which is also known as the Coalition for Democratic Accountability and Inclusive Governance, declared September 5, 2022, a Red Monday for protest to demand a more proactive Auditor General. The pressure group has been picketing to demand accountability because every year the Auditor-General’s report unearths massive corruption in the public sector without any sanctions or attempts to recoup the money stolen. The group has also been marching through the principal streets of the
national capital in a procession which began at the Efua Sutherland Children’s park to petition the Auditor General’s office.

The Red Monday protest by the Citizens’ Coalition is therefore to demand the Auditor-General to use his powers to surcharge and disallow fraudulent expenditures as a game changer to stop corruption. Also, ongoing concurrently was the online protest by using the #WeBeCitizens #WeNoBeSpectators on various social media handles and platforms of partner organizations including the tweeter handle, @PNAfricawatch.

Some of the placards by the protestors marching through the streets read, “Taxpayers do not pay you to go to sleep”; “Protect Wanna Money”; “Obey the Constitution Mr. A-G”; “Put the interest of Ghana First”; “Every Cedi must be accounted for”; “We pay you to hold Public Officers Accountable”; and “Stop the bleeding among others”.

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