about pnafrica


Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica) is a convenor and connector of civil society parliamentary monitoring organizations and journalists towards promoting Open Parliaments across Africa. Started as a newspaper project reporting on the Parliament of Ghana in 2015, PNAfrica was later incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Ghana as a non-profit and non-partisan organization with a regional focus. We have emerged as a reputable parliamentary monitoring civil society organization that has impacted parliamentary actors (CSOs, journalists, MPs, business associations etc.) from almost all countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, through our partnered projects, trainings, publications, events and speaking engagements.

With a vision to “promote open parliaments across Africa”, the organization, which is headquartered in Accra, advances this through four strategic priorities as follows – strengthening and supporting Parliaments in Africa; Building the capacity of parliamentary journalists and promoting access to information; convening civil society for knowledge management; and bringing parliaments closer to citizens through accountable and inclusive programs that impact the livelihood of the people of Africa.

PNAfrica has since 2019 convened national and regional level PMO Networks that have engaged parliaments across West Africa, seeking to advance parliamentary openness. As a convenor of both the African and West African Networks of PMOs, we have coordinated conversations (webinars) and initiatives that have engaged civil society organizations and parliaments to promote open parliament reforms (or action plans) to increase transparency, accountability, citizens participation and inclusiveness in Parliaments across sub-Saharan Africa.

Promoting Open Parliament across Africa

Promoting Parliamentary openness through institutional collaboration and using new media and digital tools to promote citizen engagement.

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