Parliament Of Cape Verde: “With the PAICV in power, the “Blue Economy” was just a mirage” – MpD

Deputy member of MpD, Vander Gomes listed today “several actions” carried out by the Government in the area of ​​the Blue Economy, stressing that Ulisses Correia e Silva paid attention to a sector that the PAICV “completely forgot”.

“The PAICV was insensitive during the long and painful 15 years it was in power.  With the PAICV in power, the blue economy was just a mirage”, declared the deputy from the party that supports the Government at the opening of the parliamentary debate with the Minister of the Sea, Abraão Vicente. Vander Gomes stressed that the Government, aware of the potential of the sector, established, since the last legislature, a “strong commitment” in the valorization of all the added value that the sea has to offer.“And included in the Government Program the major strategic options for blue growth, which are framed in the following areas and with considerable investments”, he added.

Speaking specifically of the fishing sector, which, as he pointed out, has “a significant impact” on job creation, wealth creation and promoting the development of fishing communities, he added that the Government’s objective is to support the transition to industrialization of the sector. “To this end, several investments and measures to modernize the sector have already been taken, notably the creation of the General Fisheries Inspection and its respective statute, approval of a new basic law for modern fishing, the management plan for fishing resources, approval of the diving law and improvement in the monitoring, control and inspection system of our vast maritime area”, he quoted.  The deputy from the Movement for Democracy (MpD) also mentioned several investments in means and equipment to support artisanal fishing, for the acquisition of artisanal fishing vessels, repair, rehabilitation and equipment for vessels, offers of kits and the project to fiber all open-mouth vessels in the country, among other actions.

In terms of aquaculture, supported by three sustainability pillars, namely environmental, social and economic, he indicated that work is being done to guarantee the sustainability of the sector, with the elaboration of a legal, administrative and regulatory framework for the activity.  “It is worth highlighting here two cases of success in São Vicente, Fazenda do Camarão and the Nortuna project for the production of tuna in captivity, projects that fit within the concept defended by the Government and, therefore, that deserved the enthusiasm of the public from the outset. rulers”, he exemplified.  Vander Gomes also mentioned the Government’s commitment to qualifying staff to operate in the maritime sector with the creation of the Technical University of the Atlantic (UTA) and the School of the Sea (EMar), highlighting the introduction of two courses, one in coastal guides and another in sport fishing. “The design of the blue economy is definitely the path we have to follow.

If there were any doubts, the passage of the Ocean Race through Cape Verde confirmed that, in fact, we are on the right path, which is to place the country as an important destination for the practice of water sports and sports tourism.  For five days, Cape Verde was on the lips of the world and was the center of attention of the international press”, he stressed.

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