Vlavonou re-elected Leader of the 9th Parliament of Benin


Members of the 9th Legislature, on February 12, 2023, re-elected the immediate past Speaker of the 8th parliament Louis Gbehounou VLAVONOU as their leader.

His re-election came following long hours of break after the installation of 109 parliamentarians through a secret vote held publicly in the chamber of parliament.

Louis Vlavonou, a candidate of  Union Progressite le Renouveau party competed with Mme Viviane OROU TAMA of the Democrats party (Opposition) for the leadership position where the former won by 77 votes against 30.

107 voters out of 109 MPs voted in the nearly two hours exercise to elect a leader of the National Assembly.

Hon. VLAVONOU’s election into office was gracefully welcomed by a standing ovation from his colleagues likewise the opposition also with a loud and long applauds for their contestant for obtaining 30 votes out of their 28membership in the house.

The two were seen congratulating each other with a handshake and hug in the midst of excitement in the chamber.

Elected alongside to do the three years mandate job are the First Vice-Chair: Barthélémy Kassa of the Bloc Republique party with the Second Vice-Chair being Léon Basile Ahossi of Les Democrats.

The rest Amadou Djibril Labiou of the Union Progressite le Renouveau party as the First Quaestor,  Chantale Ahyi of the Bloc Republique as the Second Quaestor. The First and second Parliamentary Secretaries were Mahugnon Kakpo and David Houinsa Godonou all of the Union Progressiste Party respectively.

These new office holders shows an all inclusive working team with the Union Progressiste Party have four members in office with the Bloc Republique two and the Democrats one.

By Florence D.Y.GBOLU

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