Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica) has commenced a series of online training for Parliamentary Monitoring Organizations (PMOs) in Africa. The pieces of training follow the completion of the first phase of the Open Parliament Engagements and Networking in West Africa (OPEN West Africa) project which led to the establishment of a community of PMO Networks in West Africa.

The latest training which was held on Thursday, March 30, 2023, under the topic: Strategies for Building Effective Networks, was well patronized by over 50 PMO participants from across the face of the continent from both Anglophone and Francophone countries.

PNAfrica through these pieces of training would create the platforms for peer learning, sharing of experiences, and best practices towards the promotion of parliamentary openness. The training would also build the capacity of PMOs on the necessary skills and tools to effectively work with their national parliaments.

This project which is being implemented with support from the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) seeks to create platforms for PMOs within and across sub-Saharan Africa to achieve the ultimate goal of effectively strengthening parliamentary openness across national and regional legislatures in West Africa.

The 1st Phase also saw the creation and launch of the Africa Open Parliament Index (OPI) which helped to assess parliaments in West Africa using the three criteria of Open Parliament; Transparency, Civic Participation, and Public Accountability. The full report and summarized versions of each country’s performance under the three criteria can be accessed in English, French, and Portuguese at

Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica) is a Parliamentary Monitoring Civil Society Organization based in Ghana with a presence in other African countries. It coordinates the Network of Parliamentary Journalists in Africa (APPN) as well as a Network of Parliamentary Monitoring Organizations in Africa (APMON) to promote Open Parliament.

It has begun this series of training for the Parliamentary Monitoring Civil Society Organizations in Africa to build their capacity on strategies for building effective networks.


Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica) is a parliamentary monitoring civil society organization working across Africa to promote Open Parliaments.

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