The Communications Officer for the Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica), Clement Akoloh, has expressed concern over the apparent lack of commitment by the Members of Parliament (MPs) from the Governing Majority New Patriotic Party (NPP) towards government business in Parliament.

Mr. Akoloh noted that the MPs’ interest in their legislative duties has significantly waned in the final year of the parliamentary calendar, which is detrimental to both their government’s business and the representation of their constituents.

Responding to accusations from the Minority Group in Parliament that Majority MPs are neglecting their duties to follow their flagbearer on the campaign trail ahead of the upcoming general elections in December, Mr. Akoloh described the situation as unfortunate. He highlighted the over 85 bills on the legislative agenda that risk not being passed before the end of the current Parliament.

“If there is any bill that does not see the light of day before the end of this particular Parliament, it will mean that everything will have to start all over again in the 9th Parliament. It is a very worrying issue for us if we think about the number of bills in the offing that may not see the light of day before the end of this Parliament,” Mr. Akoloh observed.

In an exclusive interview on ZED 101.9 FM, Mr. Akoloh expressed his dissatisfaction with the MPs’ frequent absences from parliamentary sittings. He stressed that MPs are failing their constituents, who are eagerly awaiting the passage of important bills that could improve their lives.

“What is unfortunate for us today is that the Majority side, which is supposed to see to the execution of government business on the floor, has a lot of members not showing up. Instead, we are hearing that they are on the campaign trail, and the Minority side is the one showing up and dictating the pace of parliamentary business,” Mr. Akoloh lamented.

He found it particularly disheartening to hear the Majority Chief Whip indicate that many Majority MPs have signed a leave of absence to stay away from their legislative duties at this critical time, despite the heavy backlog of work.

The Minority Group has accused the Majority MPs of abandoning their parliamentary duties to accompany their flagbearer on the campaign trail for the upcoming general elections in December.

Source: PNAfrica Communications

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