The Deputy Speaker of the Sierra Leone Parliament, Honourable Ibrahim Tawa Conteh, has commended the Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica) for their impactful and inspiring work. During a recent meeting with Florence Dzigbordi Yaa Gbolu, PNAfrica’s Sierra Leone Programme Officer, Hon. Conteh praised the organization’s dedication and eventful activities, which continue to motivate parliamentarians towards greater achievements.

Hon. Conteh emphasized the strong support from the parliament for PNAfrica’s initiatives and expressed keen anticipation for the upcoming Open Parliament Index and the launch of the Legislative Compendium of the 5th Parliament of Sierra Leone. He noted that these resources are expected to provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of parliamentary efforts.

Hon. Conteh announced plans to transition to an E-parliament, where all parliamentary activities will be digitized. This significant step aims to modernize operations and enhance transparency. He concluded by highlighting the collective responsibility and accountability of the parliamentary team, underscoring a collaborative spirit in their mission.

with the Director-General of Parliament of Sierra Leone Mrs. Finda Fraser

Florence Dzigbordi Yaa Gbolu attended a two-day Female Parliamentary Caucus retreat in Sierra Leone, aimed at building the capacity of female parliamentarians for more effective parliamentary functions and leadership. She acknowledged Sierra Leone’s efforts to support and promote women’s political participation and representation.

Ms. Gbolu reaffirmed PNAfrica’s commitment to supporting the Parliamentary Female Caucus and the Parliament through capacity-building initiatives, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge for legislative success.

During her address at the retreat, Ms. Gbolu announced the upcoming launch of a Legislative Compendium that chronicles significant events, laws, and statistics during the tenure of the Fifth Parliament of the Second Republic of Sierra Leone (2018-2023).

This document will highlight the collective achievements of the parliament. She also informed participants about the Open Parliament Index assessment, which will evaluate the openness and inclusiveness of parliaments, including gender representation, across West, East, and Southern Africa. She encouraged active participation from the Parliament of Sierra Leone to utilize the findings for further reforms.

with Moses Lukulay President of the parliamentary Press Corps and Sheku Lamin Turay, Director of Public Relations Sierra Leone Parliament

Ms. Gbolu’s visit also included attending a Mock Youth Parliamentary session organized by Aid Healthcare Foundation (AHF) Sierra Leone to commemorate “The Day of the African Child.” The event, themed “Education for All Children in Africa: The Time is Now,” emphasized the importance of civic education for the younger generation.Hon. Conteh lauded the organizers and encouraged the youth to positively impact their future leadership roles.

Additionally, Ms. Gbolu engaged with various parliamentary and civil society leaders, including the Director of Public Relations, the Parliamentary Press Corps, the Director-General of Parliament, the Director of Legislative Services, the Director of ICT, and CSO representatives. These meetings focused on enhancing the openness and effectiveness of the Sierra Leone Parliament through collaboration.

The Honourable Deputy Speaker’s commendation underscores Sierra Leone’s commitment to advancing parliamentary efficiency and accountability, with strong support for initiatives that promote open governance and citizen engagement.

By Florence D.Y. Gbolu

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