The OPEN West Africa: An Approach to Promoting Open Parliament in Africa

Introduction To achieve the ambitious goals that they set for themselves, parliamentary monitoring organisations (PMOs) in Africa must embrace collaboration among themselves. PMOs play diverse roles including monitoring policies and programmes of governments and facilitating open and voluntary participation, and bridging the gap between representatives and the represented. It is therefore important that PMOs work […]

The Gambia PMOs Network Established

The Gambia Parliamentary Monitoring Organizations Network has been established to provide a dedicated platform for Civil Society Organizations in The Gambia to engage with the National Assembly in a coordinated manner. The establishment of the Network is expected to bring to an end the fragmented nature CSOs in the country have been engaging with the […]

African Parliamentary Monitoring Organisations Network (APMON) launched in Accra

The African Parliamentary Monitoring Organisations Network (APMON), a network of parliamentary monitoring organizations across Africa, has been launched in Accra, Ghana. The Network is made up of organizations that monitor and engage parliaments across the continent and seek to advance open parliament within national and regional parliaments. The Working Group of the continental Network had […]

PNAfrica Hosts African Parliamentary Monitoring Organisations Meeting in Accra

The Working Group of the African Parliamentary Monitoring Organizations Network (APMON), met in Accra Ghana, between 28th March and 1st April 2022. The Conference brought together leading parliamentary monitoring organisations (PMOs) from across Africa who represented the Eastern, Southern, and Western parts of the continent to deliberate on ways to effectively to mobilize PMOs and […]

PARLIAMENTARY CONFERENCE ON TERRORISM: Finding concrete solutions to the scourge, …the challenge of the Speakers of African Parliaments in Doha

“Understanding the terrorist threat in Africa: new challenges and necessary measures” is the theme of the Parliamentary Conference on Terrorism held from 30 to 31 March 2022, in Doha, Qatar. Organized by the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Office, this meeting aims to find appropriate solutions, particularly parliamentary ones, to the new threats hanging over Africa and hampering […]

PNAfrica Workshop: PMOs Urged to Network to Improve Parliamentary Openness

The Program Manager of Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica), Mr. Gilbert Boyefio has called on parliamentary engagement and monitoring organizations (PEMOs) to network among themselves to strengthen parliamentary openness. Boyefio made the call during a workshop on Open Parliament Engagement and Monitoring in West Africa (OPEN West Africa) organized by the PNAfrica which took place recently at the Hawthorn Suites, Abuja. […]

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