Benin: Seven political parties involved in the legislative elections of 8 January 2023


The main opposition party The Democrats (LD), thanks to a decision of the Constitutional Court, joined six other qualified parties in the next election of deputies in Benin. As a result of this court decision, the party was able to receive its final receipt at the Autonomous National Electoral Commission (CENA) last week.

The Progressive Union – Renewal (UP-R) and the Republican Bloc (BR), the Movement of Elites Committed to the Emancipation of Benin (Moele-Benin), the Democratic Union for a New Benin (UDBN), all parties of the presidential majority, the People’s Liberation Movement (MPL) and the Cauris Force for an Emergent Benin (FCBE) claiming from the opposition also presented lists in this election. In total seven lists engaged in the election of the deputies of the ninth legislature.

In the upcoming parliamentary elections, eight (08) candidates were registered at the Electoral Commission (Céna) from October 28, 2022 to November 2, 2022.

The Beninese Parliament is currently composed of the MPs of the Progressive Union – Renewal (UP-R) and the Republican Bloc (BR), both supporting the President of the Republic. This makes many observers say that it is a monocolorous National Assembly.

The opposition parties boycotted the last election in 2019 because they did not respect the news of the electoral code imposed this year.

The election code requires that a political party pay a fee, which has been increased by 97%, and also get 10% of the vote.

Story By Florence D.Y. Gbolu

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