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SBL and Parliamentary Network Africa Forge Strategic Technology Partnership to Empower Open Parliaments Across Africa

Cochin, Kerala – August 11, 2023 – SBL, a luminary in IT services with a legacy in GIS, BPMS, AI/ML, and Multimedia, unveils a transformative Technology Partnership with Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica). PNAfrica, headquartered in Accra-Ghana, leads the vanguard for Open Parliaments across the African Continent.

A Tradition of Unparalleled Excellence

Recipient of the esteemed highest civil service award from the Government of India, SBL’s pioneering strides include the implementation of the world’s first completely digital parliament solutions. These 100% paper-free digital parliaments across various Indian states stand as a testament to SBL’s commitment to innovation and excellence, endorsed by numerous accolades and incorporated into the mission mode projects by the Government of India.

Embarking on a Partnership for Progressive Transformation

This collaboration with PNAfrica, grounded in SBL’s rich heritage of technological achievements, is poised to redefine governmental and organizational interaction with parliamentary processes. Fueled by artificial intelligence, this alliance promises to usher in a new era of transparency, efficiency, and citizen-centric governance, setting a global benchmark for democratic governance.

Where Technological Innovation Aligns with Governance

The integration of AI-driven solutions catalyzes real-time analysis, data-infused decision-making, and automation, facilitating an enhanced experience for governments and organizations. The resulting synergy paves the way for more accessible, efficient, and innovative ways to foster citizen engagement.

A Message from Leadership

“Our alignment with PNAfrica crystallizes our unwavering commitment to leveraging next-generation technology for the greater societal good,” articulated SBL’s CEO, Gopakumar Pillai. “We are thrilled to channel our digital prowess in crafting a future where open and participative governance becomes a tangible reality in Africa.”

About SBL

SBL, headquartered in Bangalore, India, stands as a beacon in the global IT services landscape. With a portfolio encompassing GIS, BPMS, AI/ML, and Multimedia, SBL’s groundbreaking achievements, including a globally celebrated digital parliament solution, resonate with a relentless pursuit of technological distinction.

About PNAfrica

With roots in Ghana, PNAfrica’s mission is entrenched in its devotion to promoting open, transparent, accountable and participative parliamentary processes across the vast expanse of Africa.

Press Contact:

Kishor Kannoli
Manager – Marketing and Communications


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