Sammy Obeng, the Founder and Executive Director of Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica), was honored with an invitation to a breakfast meeting hosted by the Ambassador of France to Ghana at his residence.

The meeting aimed to discuss the outcome of Mr. Obeng’s recent participation in France’s prestigious Future Leaders Invitation Programme (PIPA) in Paris and to explore the future of PNAfrica’s relationship with the French Embassy in Ghana.

The Future Leaders Invitation Programme (PIPA) is a distinguished initiative by the French government, designed to foster international dialogue and collaboration by inviting emerging leaders from around the world to France. Sammy Obeng’s inclusion in this program is a testament to his impactful work and leadership in promoting parliamentary transparency, accountability, and citizen engagement across Africa.

During the breakfast meeting, Mr. Obeng and the French Ambassador delved into the insights and experiences gained from the PIPA program. They discussed how these learnings could be leveraged to further enhance the collaborative efforts between PNAfrica and the French Embassy in Ghana. The conversation also covered potential new avenues for partnership and collaboration, aiming to bolster the support for democratic governance and parliamentary development in Africa.

“We are excited about the prospects of strengthening our partnership with the French Embassy,” said Sammy Obeng. “The PIPA program provided invaluable perspectives and networking opportunities that we believe can significantly benefit our work at PNAfrica. We look forward to exploring innovative projects and initiatives that can drive positive change in the region.”

The French Ambassador expressed enthusiasm for the ongoing collaboration and highlighted the importance of such partnerships in fostering mutual understanding and development. “France is committed to supporting democratic processes and institutions worldwide. Our collaboration with PNAfrica is a vital part of this mission, and we are keen to explore new ways to work together for the benefit of the people of Ghana and the broader African continent,” he said.

This meeting marks a significant step in the deepening relationship between PNAfrica and the French Embassy in Ghana. Both parties are optimistic about the future and are eager to translate their shared vision into concrete actions that promote transparency, accountability, and effective governance.

As PNAfrica continues to champion the cause of open and responsive parliaments across Africa, support and collaboration with international partners like the French Embassy will be crucial in achieving these goals. The organization remains committed to fostering a culture of democratic governance and empowering citizens to hold their leaders accountable.

Source: Clement Akoloh|PNAfrica Comms

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