Accra, Ghana – June 2024: The Co-chairman of Parliament & CSO Network (ParlCSONet), Mr. Edmond Abu, visited the Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica) office in Accra as part of a working visit to Ghana in June. The visit aimed to discuss and explore collaborations between PNAfrica and the Network of Civil Society Organizations engaged in Parliamentary Monitoring in Sierra Leone.

During the visit, Mr. Abu and PNAfrica officers engaged in deep conversations about potential collaborations on both ongoing and upcoming projects in Sierra Leone. These discussions highlighted the critical need for CSO support and collaboration to enhance parliamentary oversight and democratic governance in the country.

A key focus of the visit was a strategic discussion on strengthening the relationship between Parliament and Civil Society Organizations in Sierra Leone. The discussions centered on finding effective ways to foster mutual support and collaborative efforts to promote transparency, accountability, and good governance.

Mr. Edmond Abu’s visit to PNAfrica marks a significant step forward in building strong partnerships between parliamentary bodies and civil society organizations. By working together, both entities aim to create a more transparent and accountable parliamentary system in Sierra Leone, ultimately contributing to better governance and democratic practices.

This collaboration underscores the importance of CSOs in supporting parliamentary functions and enhancing citizen engagement in the legislative process. Through these joint efforts, PNAfrica and ParlCSONet hope to make a lasting impact on the governance landscape in Sierra Leone.

Source: PNAfrica Comms

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