The Mexican Embassy in Ghana has paid a glowing tribute to the Ghanaian culture by combining the rich Kente of the people of Ghana with the Mexican Huichol patterns to design an impressive logo to commemorate Mexico’s sixty (60) years diplomatic relationship with the Republic of Ghana.

Mexico was the first Latin American country to establish diplomatic relations with Ghana, in 1961. Mexico had an Embassy in Accra from 1965 to 1980, which was reopened in 2014.

Speaking at the short but impressive unveiling ceremony at his official residency, the Ambassador of Mexico to Ghana, His Excellency Enrique Escorza, noted that Mexico and Ghana stand proud on the global stage. “We both share a unique heritage, deep roots and values. It is through our people that we thrive, that we become closer despite of the geographical distance.  It is through the resilience of our people that we prevail even in adversity.”

“It is with this in mind, that we designed a logo for our Anniversary as a tribute to the contribution of our people to the enrichment of the bilateral relation. The logo you are about to see embodies two astonishing representations of the creativity that characterises our two countries: the Mexican Huichol patterns and the beauty of the Ghanaian Kente.”

The design combines the number 60-for the number of years of the relation-with the infinity symbol. “We wanted to express that this are the initial sixty years of an endless relation, one that will evolve and will become stronger and stronger over time.

Our textiles, our art, our people, our countries weaving strong ties and ready to move forward to develop a strategic relation is what motivate us to celebrate this day but also the days to come,” he explained.

Throughout the year, the Embassy will organize several activities to reflect its historical achievements, similarities, passions and promising future with Ghana.

The activities planned for the year include: a photo exhibition with the most memorable moments of the bilateral relation in September; research on kente by Gretel, a Mexican scholar; produce a video with the support of a well know Ghanaian chef and restaurateur, Jay Gyebi, the Mukase Chic, that will present a Gastronomic dialogue between Ghanaian and Mexican food. This is not going to be a competition but a way to see the many similarities between the two great gastronomies and the profound love Ghana and Mexico share for their delicious dishes.

Other activities include the presentation of an award to a young Ghanaian girl who won a drawing contest organized by the Mexican Foreign Ministry, with works submitted by kids all around the world. During that occasion, the Embassy will organize an interactive session for kids on alebrijes, which are fantastic creatures that awaken the imagination; a seminar on the history of the bilateral relation in collaboration with the University of Ghana and the National University of Mexico as well as a Symposium on Afromexicans and the Ghanaian diaspora in Mexico.

In November, on the day of the death (a day celebrated in Mexico), the Embassy will reflect on the many ways the two countries express their feelings and emotions on the passing of their loved ones. This is not a sad moment but rather a tribute to life.

The final activity is the Third meeting of the Consultation Mechanism on Topics of Common Interest between the Foreign Ministries, that has been the engine to continue pushing relationship between the two countries forward.

 STORY BY: Gilbert Borketey Boyefio

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