The Global Secretary and Interim National Representative of the United Pan-Africanist Movement (UPAM), Miss Modester Yeukai Kamupinda has resigned from her position following the lack of commitment by the organization to release the needed funds to operationalize her office.

Miss. Kamupinda tendered in her resignation to the organization during the week which took effect from Wednesday, February 1, 2023, addressed to the Chairman of the United Pan-Africanist Movement, Mr. Ben Eiso Mbango, who is based in the United States of America.

She cited executive indecision in agreeing on a disbursement for a working allowance for her office as one of the main reasons for her resignation though she still believes in the potentials of the organization.

According to her, the organization has made her aware through the Chairman that a $150 monthly allowance which was agreed upon on her admission to the organization, has been withdrawn due to lack of funding and executive disagreement over the release of the funds.

Miss, Kamupinda who prides herself as a Communication specialist, a Pan-African Publicist, an Environmentalist and an Entrepreneur is a dedicated person who commits 100 percent to deliver on her responsibilities at all times.

She is a prominent member of the Zimbabwe Caucus of the African Parliamentary Press Network (APPN), a network of journalists and Parliamentary Communication Officers dedicated to advocacy and dissemination of Parliamentary related information from the national and the continental level and strongly affiliated to the Pan African Parliament (PAP) which is the continental legislative body.

The network has presence in some 28 African countries as at the end of December 2022, with prospects to spread its membership to the rest of the countries on the continent within a year or two from this year 2023.

The APPN which is coordinated by a secretariat under the supervision of the Parliamentary Monitoring Civil Society Organization (PMO), the Parliamentary Network Africa (PNAfrica) headquartered in Accra – Ghana.

It is a leading parliamentary monitoring civil society organization promoting open parliament across Africa which also works at protecting the right of journalists reporting from various Parliaments and provides them support and capacity building among its other focus areas.


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