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Who We Are

Established as an advocacy newspaper to give a voice to the general public through bringing their concerns to legislators and also to report to the public on happenings within the Parliament of Ghana, the Parliamentary Newspaper carved a niche for itself as a go-to source for information and advocacies within the parliamentary space in Ghana. After operating for two years as a newspaper from May 2015 to April 2017, we have transformed into a media-based nonprofit and non-governmental organisation with a regional focus on the parliamentary space across the entire Africa.

With an impressive penetration into the corridors of the Parliament of Ghana, we championed a publication that circulated directly into the pigeonholes of all Members of Parliament (MPs) at every edition, thereby keeping a loyal readership base among these legislators at all times with our news coverage, advocacies and projects. Other important stakeholders such as Ministries/Departments/Agencies (MDAs) of the Government of Ghana; the diplomatic community in Ghana and Ghana’s Missions abroad; local and international Civil Society Organisations (CSOs); international Governmental Organisations; and the general public, all had access to our publication at every edition through our various circulation channels including newsstands and selected points-of-sale outlets. This all important tool is intended to be replicated across the continent of Africa.

Our online news portal –www.parliamentafrica.com – has since May 2016,served a global audience with accurate, balanced and comprehensive news from parliaments across the continent of Africa and beyond in a timely manner. The website also holds a large deposit of resources useful for people interested in parliamentary related information and documents. We are your go-to source on African Parliaments!

Among our core areas of engagement is the execution of self-funded and partner-supported projects and programmes, aimed at further advancing our vision of bringing parliaments closer to the people and the people closer to their parliaments.

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