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Parliaments occupy and play central roles in democratic governance systems that seek the holistic development of citizens. Having strong and effective parliaments in all countries of Africa has become imperative, if citizens are to fully benefit from development goals and activities of elected governments. Public expectations and interests in the work of parliaments manifest itself at different levels with development partners, civil society organisations (CSOs), parliamentary monitoring organisations (PMOs), academics, citizens, and members of the fourth estate – the media.

The relationships between Parliaments, the media and CSOs/allied bodies can be described as a symbolic one, in that MPs and the institution of Parliament rely upon the media and CSOs/PMOs to deliver their messages and opinions to the general public. On the other hand, the media and CSOs/PMOs plays an important role in monitoring the work of MPs and Parliament that can result in a critical analyses of their work. This relationship is unavoidable in a multi-party system in which the media is assured of freedom of expression and CSOs/PMOs have a clear space to operate in. If handled properly, the media and CSOs/PMOs can be good allies to parliaments, while on the flipside, these organisations can create unpleasant situations for the institution of Parliament. Hence there exists mutual mistrusts between parliament on one side, and CSOs/PMOs/media on the other side.In Africa, Parliaments do not trust these organisationsand the reverse is true.

Having worked with the Parliament of Ghana and many other legislative assemblies across the continent of Africa for many years, Parliamentary News Africa (PNAfrica) is positioned to support CSOs and PMOs in the areas of advancing advocacies to Parliaments, capacity building, and strategic partnerships for programmes& projects implementations.

We understand that Parliament is a very technical institution with age-long procedures and practices that govern their order of operations. A deeper understanding of these are needed by CSOs, PMOs and other allied bodies that seek to pursue specific interventions with parliaments and MPs. We know these, we understand these, and we are ready to work with you to make working with the Parliament of Ghana and parliaments across Africa easier.

Let’s engage in the following areas;

  • Parliament-Media Relations: We publish Africa’s most comprehensive parliamentary news website – parliamentafrica.com, as well as the much acclaimed Parliamentary Newspaper of Ghana. We are on the corridors of the Parliament of Ghana and Parliaments across Africa, with our host of media men/women who understand the intricacies of parliamentary practices and procedures. Our publications are delivered directly to MPs through their pigeonholes, email newsletters and new/social media. Those that matter read us!


  • Capacity Building: We know that topics such as “How parliament works”, “Understanding the Committee systems and the interests of each MP” as well as “Accessing and accurately interpreting parliamentary records and information” are vexed matters for organisations that wish to work with Parliament and/or on parliamentary matters. Allow us to help you with these by providing tailor-made capacity building and training on such matters. We are your go-to source on African Parliaments!


  • Advocacies: If you find our positioning as useful and strategic to your public-good programmes and projects, then we are ready to partner with you to deliver for the good of our Continent – the beautiful continent of Africa.


  • Consultancies: We provide general and specialized consultancies for institutions that seek to lobby parliaments. Guided by the rules and standing orders that exists with each Parliament in Africa, we help you to avoid breeching the ‘hallowed’ lines of parliamentary privileges.


We are ready to welcome you and work with you. Kindly contact the Executive Director on sobeng@parliamentafrica.com or contact us here

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