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Members of Parliament to undergo firefighting drill

In the wake of the Grenfell Tower fire outbrake in the United Kingdom, the Member of Parliament for Akan Constituency, Hon Abdul Aziz Muniru, has appealed to the Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Aaron Mike Ocquaye, to order members of parliament to undergo orientation of firefighting.

“Mr. Speaker I crave on your indulgence to organise and direct Members of Parliament to take an orientation on firefighting techniques on Job 600 and in Chamber and this should include the use of fire extinguishers, what to do in case of fire outbreak, where escape route are located for swift deployment of rescue workers and subsequent evacuations. I think many members do not know the inside and out of Job 600 and yet we work there,” he said.

Making a statement on the floor of parliament Thursday on the Grenfell Tower fire and the lessons to learn from it, Hon Muniru noted that while Ghana sympathize with the United Kingdom and victims of the ravaged fire on the twenty four storey residential apartment block, there is the need to take a cue to draw vital lessons.

He used the occasion to call on the Executive to bring to parliament for passage two important bills, namely the Building Industry Regulatory Authority Bill and the Survey Council Bill, because this will help in championing the solutions to the divers building related problems in Ghana.

Hon Muniru was however concerned with the lack of implementation attitude of Ghanaians, noting that, “Ghana’s fire regulations which was extended to include residential buildings is undoubtedly very good in all purpose. Like many other laws and regulations in Ghana, the main challenge is its implementation.

“Mr. Speaker, I want to take this opportunity to call on various ministries, departments and agencies to take structural fire audit on our existing structures especially public buildings, to ensure whether they are habitable and safe for humans and also their functionality.”

Many of the fire outbreaks in Ghana are attributed electrical faults or volatile LPG or other domestic fuel.

story by: Gilbert Borketey Boyefio

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